Friday, February 11, 2011

Long legs for long walks on the boardwalk

These two pictures are from a photoshoot I did in the Harbourfront area, Toronto, during the past summer. One of my favourite places to just sit and eat lunch, watch the water, the seagulls and the people. The amount of happy people in this area in the summer time inspired me to do a casual looking shoot on the boardwalk. Lydia, a Toronto aspiring model, walks the boardwalk with confidence on this Friday night sunset. She definitely walked up a storm and although you cant see it in these images, there were crowds of people just watching the photoshoot take place. People came up to me after asking what magazine the images would be published in, I felt so famous, haha. 

Shorts: Costa Blanca
Shirt: Bluenotes

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  1. Beautiful pictures. This the perfect setting for modeling this outfit