Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The magic of Picnik

Wow, so exams totally distracted me from creating a new blog post, however I hope I've made up for it with this large series of photos. I took these about two years ago but got inspired to dig them up from my hard drive a few days ago when I registered for the premium version of Picnik which is an online image editor. I re-edited my photos and cross processed them to give them a new feel. I was also inspired to pull these out due to the overwhelming amount of nautical inspired clothing that is in stores right now. 
As for location, these were all taken in a little spot on Harbourfront close to where York St ends. I highly recommend it for photoshoots or even for cute little picnics. 

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  1. Hey there,
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    i need 1 head shot and 3 body. i dont need makeup done i have that covered, how much would that cost?

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